Connecting kids with nature, eating healthy and helping others.
Read These Books and Change a Child's Life!

If you want to

  • Get children to eat healthy
  • Teach them to love the great outdoors
  • Start a successful, engaging garden
  • Make a difference through hands-on learning
These books will show you how!
(Don't believe us? See what others have to say!)

Read what the Austin Chronicle said about Our Generous Garden  and Our Super Garden in it's article, Summer Reading for Tiny Chefs.

New!  Our Super Garden
This book is about eating healthy by eating what we grow.  Children plant a garden and host a tasting party, and learn about the special powers fruits and vegetables give our bodies ~ a first-step solution for addressing the many health issues facing our children!

Nuestro Super Jardin
The bilingual English-Spanish edition of Our Super Garden!  Use this book to reach both English- and Spanish-speaking children.

Our Generous Garden
The children's book that started it all!  Students plant a garden and in the process change their community.

Nuestra Huerta Generosa
This bilingual English-Spanish edition of the critically acclaimed kids' book, Our Genrous Garden, was the featured book of the Florida Departments of Health and Education's Celebrate Literacy Week initiative in 2010, reaching more than 27,000 students. See public service announcement!

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